Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hand quilted christmas tree

My daughter is preparing for a wedding shower for her future daughter-in-law and ask to borrow a few things.

Well, all of the few things were packed away in the garage.

I started dragging down several boxes and come across the beautifully quilted Christmas tree with collector buttons placed as decorations....It brought tears to both our eyes remembering the beautiful lady that made it for me over 20 years ago. My Mother and her Nana. She is now living amongst the angels. I thought it was lost forever, but, I had just misplaced it in all my moves over the last 12 years. Somehow it sustained well. No damage, not even dirty. The crystal Victorian lamp was tucked away with it. Well, it is my daughter's responsibility now.

She received several gifts from my boxes in the garage. I don't have to keep up with them now.

If I need something, I will just drive to her house and borrow it.


  1. Good,let her enjoy them while you're still here to enjoy her enjoy them...Ann

  2. How neat that you found you special treasures!