Thursday, March 5, 2009

Second time around

This face is made from cast iron. It was only $9.99.

He is very strong looking on my yellow wall.

The sunflowers or cast iron.
The green tea pot was my mothers.
The welcome sign just tells it all.
I really enjoyed the day with my
daugher looking
for all the second time around items.
The roosters and table cloth
came from an earlier day of shopping.
Love that sunflower stepping stone.
The wooden pot holder on the front porch
will look great with a pretty little flower to
show off.
The picture with the two sisters remind me of
my sister and I. Love it.


  1. Cool, your treasures look great! We sure had fun, and found some great stuff too!

  2. Judanna I love, love, love the beautiful black and yellow dinnerware. Were you able to find a complete set or is it just the plate and mug. Either way they are a treasure for sure. The picture reminds me of my sister and I too. So sweet! Hugs, Loretta