Thursday, April 23, 2009


Iceland is the most sparsely populated country
in Europe with an average of about three
inhabitants per square km. Almost four-fifths
of the country are uninhabited and mostly
uninhabitable, the population being concentrated
in a narrow coastal belt, valleys and the
southwest corner of the country.
Iceland's population is around 313.000, 2/3 of them
live in the capital, Reykjavik, and surrounding areas.
Iceland is a progressive modern European society
with a high standard of living and a high level
of technology and education.

Iceland is an island 103,000 kmz in the middle of the
North Atlantic Ocean between Greenland & Europe.
Iceland is unique due to it's geothermal activities,
like volcanos and hot springs which
supply the country with electricity and hot water
for heating.


  1. Judanna don't you just love the native clothing on the women in the 1st picture. Such colorful dresses. The landscape and water pictures are gorgeous. Have a restful evening. Hugs, Loretta

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