Sunday, April 12, 2009


Bonnets aren't they beautiful.

I remember as a small child at my Grandparents farm,

having to wear a sunbonnet when I went to the fields with

my Grandfather. Oh, how I fussed. I wore it but didn't like

it. My Grandmother always told me that I would get a

heat stroke if I didn't wear it. After my Grandfather and

I would be out of sight of the house I would always ask him,

"Papa would I really"? and he would always say. "Hush now

and just keep it on your head, It makes Mama happy."

Well I never did get a heat stroke, so I guess they work


  1. There's not many things cuter than a baby in a sun bonnet! I never remember wearing one but I remember buying them for my nieces who looked adorable in them. Give my regards to Deb the next time you speak to her. Hugs, Loretta

  2. I still have the one from Mamaw

  3. Cute story Judanna. I don't wear a bonnet when out in the yard but my head sure gets hot without my hat.

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  5. I don't wear a bonnet when I am out in the garden but I do have a silly straw hat with a big flower on it. My poor family begs me to not go out in public wearing it. I did love dressing my baby girls in bonnets when they were little. I loved your story. What a great memory.

  6. I used to make sunbonnets for my daughter. I would smock around them with embroidrey yarn and they were so cute! Thanks for the memory.