Friday, April 10, 2009

Last Saturday's project - raised herb garden

After tugging home 12 bags of top soil, a bag
of cow manure and a bag of organic humas, and 4 6x6
treated cedar boards I went to work.

I managed to get the little screws all tightened up.

After getting everything level, I placed the black paper
to hopefully stop the weeds from crowding all my new

I planted peppers, rosemary, cilantro, dill, chives, parsley & basil.
The things girls can do.


  1. Mom, you did a great job, so proud of you!!!

  2. What a great job on your herb garden! I might try an herb garden too on a much smaller scale though. I was thinking about putting hanging boxes all around my deck railing this way they are easily within reach to water and to pick when I need some. If I do it will be mostly parsley, basil, and oregano. Hugs, Loretta

  3. You did do a great job. Why does it always look so easy in the pictures? I know you did a lot of hard work. Good job.

  4. a woman after my own heart.i love fresh herbs,especially we speak hubby is getting me some basil and rosemary to plant on the porch.yummy.....ann