Friday, May 29, 2009

Fruits of our labor and a vacation!

Pink Knockout roses

Knockout roses

Morning glory

This area is behind my garage and has always
been an eye sore. I laid the sand stone, scatter planted
hosta, airplane plant, rock fern and monkey grass then
filled it in with black mulch. The neighbor's old fence
looked so bad, so I freshened it up with the lattice.
I found the little white picket fence to finish it off.
The begonia is called "Dragonfly leaf".
The ivy in the basket is a smaller version of English ivy.
Millie checking things out.

Various types of mint

What's up Mom? (Millie)

Just a swinging! (Maggie is in the swing every chance she gets)
My fur babies have been with me every step of the way..

God has blessed me in so many ways and I want to take
care of all he has given me. When I am working with
my plants I feel so thankful for having the health to
accomplish what I do. I have to tell you, my body is
sore and crying for me to stop for a spell!!

~Blessings to all. ~


  1. Mom...everything looks so have worked so hard this week on your you will need a vacation from your vacation....

  2. Everything looks great. Deb sent me by.

  3. That space you created is beautiful. I know you will enjoy it.
    I'm linking over from Deb's.
    I'm so impressed with your blog.


  4. Wonderful job gardening and staging your porch... just beautiful!

    Your photography is always so wonderful...
    hugs. Dixie

  5. Your yard is a showplace. I'm so impressed! The photos are wonderful, too. Now that you've done all that work, I hope you have time to rest up and enjoy it.

  6. Hi Judanna,
    I love everything that you have done in your yard. If I lived near by I would invite myself over to sit a spell in those swings with you. Everything was so neat and just plain purrty!! lol. Now just come right over here to my yard and help me weed my yard Missy!! Great post, and I feel the same as you, I am always so thankful to have the strength to work. And I try and always tell the Lord "thank You."

  7. Hi Judanna,
    You deserve a rest after all that work. Now you can sit in that beautiful swing and enjoy everything. Your gardens are beautiful and I loved the tour. I loved visiting all the nooks and corners, and now I see what the lattice was for. I remember seeing it in one of Deb's posts. Your plants all look happy and content and your fur babies are the cutest! They are such sweet company the way the lovingly follow you around. Have a restful weekend! Hugs, Loretta

  8. Howdy Judanna
    God bless you sweet lady !
    Thank you for sharing all the many lovely photos today.
    I had so much fun visiting.
    Millie and Maggie are adorable.
    Hope your vacation is the best ever.
    Blessings of joy to you.
    Happy Trails

  9. I love your comfy looking porch swing...your flowers are lovely!