Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Zealand's Milford Track

This is a backpak hiking trail in
New Zealand
Once described as the finest walks in the world,
the Milford Track is one of New Zealand's most popular
walks, with approximately 14000 people completing
the Milford track each year.
The Milford Track is in the heart of Fiordland
National Park, a World Heritage Area, also the wildest,
wettest and most isolated part of New Zealand.
Everything about this area is dramatic and awesome.
It was fashioned by massive uplifts of rock 2 million years ago, and
moulded by water in all its forms, ice,snow, rain, glaciers,
waterfalls, rivers and lakes.


  1. What a beautiful trail. I'd love to take a walk there.

  2. you have really found some nice places to visit..wish I could go there

  3. That bridge really draws me in. I'd love to visit.

  4. Hi Judanna,
    Deb posted a bridge a few days ago and I was telling her how I love looking at bridges but I fear driving over them. I can't even imagine walking over one!!!. It is beautiful though. I have such a horrible fear of heights, and because I don't swim, if the bridge is over water forget it!